Our History, Our Heritage

Along with the Vallvé product there is a rich legacy of experience, service, and innovation that is different from any other of its kind.

In 1962, José Vallvé started a business by basically drawing and manufacturing decorative objects out of polyester resin and developing appropriate machinery and production systems, since the industry was non-existent back then.

In 1978, the Vallvé brand was created in an innovative “Bathroom Boutique” format, with the intention to innovate and revolutionize every single item placed in the bathroom. It featured incredible design and impeccable performance to an area that was often neglected in projects.

When his son, Pedro Sedó, became director of the company in the 1990s, Vallvé took a decisive leap forward to become a benchmark in the “Bathroom Boutique” sector of the Brazilian market, offering products for a complete bathroom experience.

Our Experience

From the very beginning, Vallvé has created and developed unmatched products with a commitment to quality at every level, from conception to final product. The choice of high quality material and the 100% handicraft manufacturing, which is very advanced, make for over 50 years of experience.

Vallvé is proud of its handicraft manufacturing, of having started out as a small production “workshop” and of having evolved in the manufacturing of accessories, complementary articles, and furniture, amongst other bathroom items.

Studio Vallvé

Vallvé has an internal studio for product development with professionals from different areas. They are professionals from areas such as marketing, architecture, and industrial design.

In addition to the internal team of designers, Vallvé develops special projects with nationally and internationally renowned designers to create a wide variety of products, meet customers needs, and constantly evolve in functionality and aesthetics applied to the bathroom.

In the constant search for the “complete bathroom,” every detail is carefully considered. The emphasis on the project translates into a series of products that are always first in terms of design, innovation, and style.